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What’s In It For Me?

You may earn money by registering with Morinda Bioactives:

1. Referring Customer

Referring Customers may earn up to AUD$200 per month and may register other Referring Customers. They do not receive any bonuses, royalties, trips or holidays but they do receive commissions on any sales their registered Referring Customers make.

2. Independent Product Consultant (IPC)

IPC's can earn every bonus and royalty and other rewards offered by Morinda Bioactives as they are able to register Referring Customers and Independent Consultants into their group. They may also have customers who purchase at retail. There are also other bonuses such as the Growth and Duplication Bonus and trips and holidays.

There are three ways you can earn income after you have registered with Morinda Bioactives as an Independent Product Consultant:

  • Sell product at retail (after purchasing it wholesale)
  • Bonuses and other rewards, such as trips when others register in your group and purchase Morinda Bioactive products
  • Sending others to this site to register also and encouraging them to send others to register as Independent Product Consultants.

Morinda Commissions

Morinda Bioactives pays out 53% of the commissionable value (CV) of every purchase made to their Referring Customers and Independent Product Consultants collectively through a series of bonuses and royalties.  There is no exception to this. Morinda Bioactives has no breakage in their compensation plan.

When you register to become a Referring Customer or Independent Product Consultant you start to earn money immediately when someone you recommend purchases product.  Your residual (long-term) income starts to build when people you recommend also register with Morinda Bioactives and others register with them.  Basically we aim to build a large group of customers who are being rewarded for recommending other customers.

Do not get confused with Pyramid Schemes.  Pyramid Schemes are constructed so that the person at the top purchases their products at a lower price than those under them and so forth down the pyramid. 

In Morinda Bioactives everyone purchases the products at the same price if they are registered with the company and everyone, no matter how much they earn in their Morinda Bioactives business, will only ever have to purchase 120 QV of volume per month to earn commissions.  That's a very inexpensive "rent" for your business.

To find out how much you can potentially earn as a second income please either watch the video above or click the link here.  If you have any questions please email us.

To see the payout in percentages please click here.