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Adults and Tahitian Noni Juice (including testimonials)


We'll start with a couple of Doctors' testimonials.  Firstly Dr. Mona Harrison (and forgive the slight burring a little way in - it sorts out quickly).

Now Dr. Orlando Pile



I started drinking Tahitian NoniTM Juice in 1996. I had fibromyalgia, Hashimotos thyroiditis and adrenal fatigue syndrome.which left me with pain and fatigue. I had many other issues as well: hayfever, neuralgia, athletes foot, asthma, insomnia, depression and anxiety, headaches every afternoon and many more issues which I lived with day to day - basically a cot case really.  I didn't notice a huge increase in energy after I started drinking Tahitian Noni Juice nor notice any health changes until I was listening to a number of people give testimonials about the benfits of Tahitian NoniTM Juice in their life. Then I remembered a host of problems I no longer had. Pain I had had every day was gone and I was working 80 hour weeks and still on my feet! Amazing how we forget our ailments when they go. As long as I drink Tahitian Noni Juice I have no neuralgia, my hay fever has gone, and when I start on an asthma attack I take 30 mls and it subsides in 10 minutes.  My thyroid and adrenal condition were kept under control.  In the first week the athletes foot infection flared up badly then after that simply disappeared. I'm still drinking Tahitian NoniTM Juice today in 2013.

Melanie A. Brisbane, Australia

I had always felt that I was in pretty good health overall. However, after just a few days of drinking Tahitian NoniTM Juice I noticed a definite increase in my energy levels and found that I was sleeping much better. Then after about 3 months I realised that a condition I had come to accept had completely disappeared. I had suffered with heartburn for many years. I used to take antacid tablets like they were lollies. I had packets of them everywhere, in the car, next to my bed and many other places. I hadn’t had the need to take one for ages and hadn’t realised it. I will never stop taking Tahitian NoniTM Juice after what it’s done for me and the benefits I’ve seen others have received.

David V. Cleveland, Qld

When I started drinking Tahitian NoniTM Juice, I had a chronic skin inflammatory condition which had plagued me for 20 years. After a while I noticed that the condition had gone away so subtly that I didn't notice it. 15 years later the condition still has not returned and I am still drinking Tahitian NoniTM Juice.

Tahitian NoniTMJuice has been miraculous for me. I had been suffering for 35 years with severe back pain from having fractured my vertebrae in four places in a car accident when I was 20. At 28 I had a heavy fall. The pain was almost constant in my spine and particularly bad when the weather was building up to a storm or rain. I had been drinking Tahitian NoniTM Juice for about 2 months when I realised that I did not have pain anymore. I have not had back pain since. I have been visiting a specialist physician since I was 28 and he tells me that my bones are getting stronger each year. I feel healthy and energetic despite my 60 years.

Jaclynn H. Nambour, Qld

One day at work something went drastically wrong with my back and I came home in tears. Later that night I went to the hospital and received morphine injections. The problem lessened a little but returned with a vengeance later. I got hold of some Tahitian NoniTMJuice and within an hour the problem had abated. I continued to drink the Juice until the problem resolved.

Estelle A. Slacks Creek, Australia

After having been drinking Tahitian NoniTM Juice for only three days, I found that I was required to work on the building site instead of working behind a desk. The work required a lot of physical work to ensure that the project was completed as designed. Even though the days were exhausting, I found my recovery during the drive home was quick.

Allen H. Nambour, Qld

Born in Kaikoura, New Zealand, Angie Koops has enjoyed surfing from a young age, as well as gymnastics and snowboarding. Six years ago, Angie decided that surfing had become her burning ambition, so she packed up her surfboard and moved to the warmer surfing-friendly climate of Queensland’s Gold Coast.

As a qualified personal trainer and athlete, Angie knows how important it is to be fit and healthy," I have been taking Tahitian Noni for approximately 4 years now, I eat a well balanced diet every day, but it is quite amazing if I stop drinking Tahitian Noni for consecutive days I do feel a slump in my energy levels. So there is no doubt that Tahitian Noni improves my energy levels and keeps me on top of my game"

Angie is aware of the everyday stresses and environmental irritants that come with such an active lifestyle which is why Angie has turned to our Defy range for healthier and younger looking skin, "Surfers really take a hit from the harsh elements of the sun sand and salt, I am so stoked to have such an amazing product to look after and replenish my skin before and after I surf!  I also found the defy set to be a perfect size for travelling. Thanks Tahitian Noni Defy".

Angie's career in surfing is going from strength to strength "I recently won my first QLD surfing title and will soon be competing as a wild card in the Roxy Pro trials in late February. Therefore lots of training and Tahitian Noni for me :)" Well done and good luck Angie from all of us here at TNI Brisbane.

We are so fortunate to have the support of someone as healthy and inspiring as Angie. Take inspiration from these words and tell everyone about Tahitian Noni™!

Angie Koops

Emily Rosemond went to the Netherlands to ride in the UCI Track Cycling World Championships. She rode in the Keirin and Sprint races (both won by teammate Anna Meares).

About Tahitian Noni, Emily says:

“When you can wake up every day feeling fresh and ready to go, it limits the risk of having ‘bad training or competition days’, I feel that Tahitian Noni™ Original™ supports this. I wake up ready to go every day whether that be a training or competition day, not having to worry about how I’m feeling. As an athlete, that’s a very valuable gift—one that I have to thank Tahitian Noni International for.”

Emily Rosemond

About Cedric Payne

I teach yoga two times a week, walk 18 holes of golf twice per week and exercise the other days.

Cedrics Story

I lost my wife just over 5 years ago to tragic circumstances. We had been married 48 years. Ever since this occurred, something had been going on with me that I had not even admitted to my doctor. I hid it well when in the company of others; but, I was in a continuous state of depression. I would feel the depression in the worst way of all when I would prepare my evening meal.

In May 2012, the Thrive Adaptogenics Max was released in Australia. I purchased a bottle as trial run to see what would happen. After three days of taking 30 milliliters of the Max each morning and evening, I felt different. I realized that there weren't any tears as I prepared my evening meal. I didn't think too much of it; but after another three days of taking the Max, I felt even better than before. I began to wonder if Max had anything to do with the way I felt as I was feeling extremely well! It was then that it hit me... the feeling of depression seemed to have vanished. I knew that the difference maker in my life was the Max. Since I've been using this product, I have been feeling so good!
I have since decided to receive an order of Max every month and believe that only good things and improvement can come from it.
Go Max! Yes! I am definitely a Bioactivist!


Christine Hansen is the owner of De Belle Beauty Clinic in the Brisbane area and was delighted to be asked to trial our products. This is what Christine had to say;

"Dear Morinda Bioactives Manager,,

Firstly thank you very much for the opportunity to try your product range, DEFY. When I first received the Microderm Treatment and Ultraderm Therapy devices I was not at all sure what they could do so  I put them away for ages before I picked them up to try them.
I have used Salon Microdermabrasian Machines and I did not think that the DEFY devices would be able to achieve anywhere near the results of these much larger machines. I was wrong, actually I was very wrong.

The first time I used the Microderm Treatment Device I felt that my skin had, had a professional treatment. However the only way that I could be sure of the effectiveness of the treatment was to use the machine over my arm where I had a tan applied. I could see that a very fine layer of tan had been removed; I was overjoyed with the results.

I continued with the treatments as recommended in the instruction manual and I feel that my skin has improved significantly. Fine lines around my eyes and mouth have all but disappeared, the more character lines across my forehead have softened, pores on my nose are no where near as noticeable and pigmentation on my face is much less noticeable, I am truly impressed.

The Defy Age Erasing Serum has a wonderfully silky texture and is easily absorbed into the skin after using the Ultraderm Therapy Device.  Using the Ultraderm is also a fantastic way to finish a treatment.  The machine gives the feeling of Lymphatic Drainage Massage in that it applies a pumping pressure to the skin. I believe that anyone who wants a salon treatment at home will love these products.

The instruction manual and DVD are very easy to follow.  I would recommend not using anything other than the white or grey disc on the face and take extra care across the bridge of the nose. I would suggest to practice on your hands first to get a feel for the machine before using on the face.

I have no hesitation in recommending these products to anyone. They are definitely first class. Thank you again Sarah for the opportunity to trial your DEFY range.

Christine Hansen
Beauty Therapist
De Belle Beauty Clinic

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