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Animals and Tahitian Noni Juice (Including Testimonials)

Is Tahitian Noni Juice Suitable for Animals?

Absolutely.  And the good news is firstly (1) there is no placebo effect so you can tell if drinking the juice is really helping their body, and (2) you need to give them a lot less to drink generally than humans.

Click here to see a video which talks about the effects of Tahitian Noni Juice and people and their animals, including the opinion of an Australian vet.

Over the years people have written many testimonials about the wide ranging effects drinking Tahitian Noni™ Juice has had on their animal - ranging from, yes even goldfish (putting the noni in the water of the tank) to birds in cages.  Dogs, cats, horses and so forth have all displayed positive results to their health when fed Tahitian Noni™ Juice.

Click here to see a video about how Tahitian Noni Juice had an amazing effect on a greyhound that was ready to be put down


Because Tahitian Noni™ Juice has shown positive effects for poisoning, we have had testimonials that dogs who were fed baits and immediately given the juice had their body successfully fight off the toxins. Bites and stings have also been successfully helped with the juice.

Click here to see a video with Dr Solomon talking about the studies conducted with Tahitian Noni Juice and animals.

How Much Tahitian Noni™ Juice Should An Animal Drink?

This varies of course with the animal.  The more severe the condition the more often the animal should drink Tahitian Noni™ Juice.  With a dog start with 15 mls and move up or down as required.  The beauty is that the Morinda Bioactives Beverages have no toxicity so you cannot give the animal too much. Also the juice can be applied directly to any wound to help it heal.   Experimentation until finding the correct amount is useful.  Here at we are happy to advice you.  Just email us on

Below are a few testimonials we have received.


Noni Saves Life Of Valuable Horse
By Fred

We breed Quarter Horses and Paints in California. One day we received a call that a valuable mare had been critically injured in an accident in Oregon. Her pectoral and shoulder muscles had literally been torn away. The local veterinarian put her chances of survival at less than 2 percent and told us that we should put her down immediately.

I (Fred) have been researching alternative health care and healing methods to deal with my own medical problems (primarily arthritis) for almost 30 years. During the course of this research, I had recently read about noni.

When we received the call regarding the injured mare, I refused to have her put down. She comes from championship stock and, even though she was injured too badly to be shown, her potential value for breeding was very high.

I gave instructions that noni be put directly on the wounds, as well as down her throat. A few days after her accident, I drove to Oregon and found that she was in bad shape, but still alive.

I gave the horse several ounces of noni juice to sedate her. Nothing else that I had been given to use for this purpose worked. I then proceeded to cut away at least 5 pounds of rotting flesh, nerves, and muscle from her injured shoulder. The following week, I put her in a trailer and took her back to California to continue her recovery.

Within 3 months she was running like an antelope! All of the hair has grown back over the injured area. Six weeks ago, I turned her loose to roam on open range.

I also used noni juice on a yearling that had been badly injured when pushed through a fence by a mare. His flesh and muscle on the inside of his leg was cut to the bone from the top of the leg almost to the hoof. I cut off the end of a turkey baster and gave this yearling 8 ounces of noni juice orally.

I applied it topically as well. In treating this horse, I had cut through veins and cauterize them with a heated iron to stop the bleeding. This horse never flinched throughout this entire process. I wrapped the leg and continued to give the horse 8 ounces of noni juice orally each day. Two months later, the leg was healed and I was able to turn him out to pasture.

We also gave noni juice to one of our cats who had been injured when she was stepped on by a horse. She had been dragging her injured leg for six months. After only a month on noni juice, she could walk normally.

Noni Juice has helped our 9 year old German Shepherd as well. Before drinking the juice, his advancing age made it very difficult for him to get around. After a couple of months on noni juice, he plays with our young pup until the pup is absolutely exhausted and gives up! We believe without a doubt that Noni juice is a truly amazing gift from paradise and encourage everyone to try it!

Diabetes in dogs
By Carol Symonds

My family owns a 14 year old Border Collie. 3 weeks ago she was very ill and I did not think that she would last the night. She was very listless and would not move. I took her to our family vet. The prognosis was diabetes with a sugar level way off the charts. Her kidneys were failing and the vet did not think that we would be able to save her except with insulin shots twice a day and blood testing. We decided against insulin as she was very old and insulin shots are very expensive. I brought her home, fully expecting to lose her within a day or two. We even dug her grave and I prepared my children for the worst. Since we had some Noni in the fridge I decided to give her some Noni to see if she would respond. Within two days she was terrorizing the cats again and within a week she was trying to run down the driveway to pursue her favorite chasing cars game. Three weeks later she seems to be in better health than she has been in years. Her coat is shiny and a large fat tumor on her jaw that she had had for about a year has shrunk in half. We give her half an ounce of Noni twice a day and feed her only protein. She weighs approximately 40 pounds. Needless to say, I take my Noni every day and I am certainly a believer. Thank You


Limehouse Veterinary Clinic of Holistic Medicine (courtesy of
By John B. Limehouse, DVM, CVA

Dear Dr. Zosche,

You asked how we are using Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) at our clinic.

When we first started dispensing the product, I was very selective and used it in cases of cancer. A high percentage of the clients reported back that their animals were acting very young and playful...more so than in a long time. In a few cases, some tumors actually regressed...a squamous cell carcinoma of the gingiva of an old Labrador Retriever shrunk by 1/2 its original size. In a dog with multiple lipomas, several have decreased in size and some have even resolved. An undifferentialed mammary tumor on another dog is non-palable within 1 month.

With the reports of increased well-being in cancer patients, I started using Noni for cases of degenerative joint disease with stiffness and/or weakness. Many of these dogs and cats responded within 2 weeks or less and became less stiff, increasingly able to get up on elevated surfaces (jump on the bed, get into the car), and also began playing more. Now we are placing all geristic animals on Noni Juice to evaluate their restrictions. Some of these animals we re-evaluate ourselves. Some are not being re-examined, but the owners are asking for refills of Noni for their pets or themselves. The majority of these animals are improving within 3-4 weeks, with an occasional one taking as long as 2 months before improvement is noticed. However, these are usually animals that have been slow in responding to other treatments, or in whom the duration of effect of other therapies has been limited.

I have tried it on several cats with millary dermatitis and dogs with atopic disease. Even though we have continued our regular therapies along with Noni these cats have responded more quickly, and are remaining free of skin problems. Our own Golden Retriever is a classic atopic, sensitivity to almost all pollens found in this area of Southern California. Although we did not anticipate using him as a test case, because of our travel and teaching schedule, we were unable to treat him with acupuncture for about 6 weeks, Historically, this would have meant severe dermatitis...yet, with him receiving Noni twice daily, his allergies are almost non-existent, and his coat looks the best it has since he's lived in Los Angeles! Several other pet owners have contacted us to report that parasitic animals have improved dramatically with the use of Noni.

John B. Limehouse, DVM, CVA - February 6th, 1997.


16 year-old cat recovers from severe bowel problems
By Eva Carruthers

I have been taking Noni juice for approximately 3 years now just to help me maintain good health, but I had yet to see such a miraculous effect on a living thing.

My 16 year-old cat Oscar, has had bowel problems on and off for the last 3 years. However, a week ago, he was on his death bed and I was convinced that there was nothing else I could do but watch him die because he was so ill he was not eating or drinking anything and rapidly withering to nothing. All of a sudden, it occurred to me that I had once read that animals also have benefited from the juice, so I started giving it to him in dosages of 1 Tbls. at a time, the first day 4 times, the second day 3 times and 2-3 times after that. From the very first day to the next, he began to perk up and walk around and even nibble on his food again. I was so excited that I continued to give him the juice and it's now been about 1 1/2 weeks and he is almost 100% back to normal as he was before he got sick. I tell all my friends about this and now a lot of them want to start taking it. I thank God for Noni and I will also continue to drink it for the rest of my life. I Love Noni!


Noni Helps Dairy Cows with Mastitis, Fever, etc.
By Ernie Perschau

I have herd of registered Ayrshire diary cattle. After using Noni products on ourselves and seeing what it can do we decided to experiment on our animals.

One of the bigger problems with cows is mastitis and high Somatic cell counts. Right now the milk price we receive is at $14.00 per hundred, so cows produce from 50 to 100 lbs. And if you use drugs you can't sell the milk so you lose $7.00 to $14.00 per cow a day.

Also, if you use drugs you can't sell a cow for slaughter for 21 days and if she would die before you can sell her you lose about a $1,000.00. When cows don't eat they usually have a fever.

We have reduced fever from 104 degrees to normal which is around 100 degrees by using the Noni Juice and Skin Supplement and no drugs. I infuse the juice into the infected quarter and rub the udder with the cream. Also, I dip teat dilatorsin the juice before inserting the teat and I have had no mastitis flare-ups like usual.

I have had one cow that had a cell count of 1,900.000 and rubbed the cream on her udder 3 days before DHIA took milk samples and it was down to 710,000. Then I continued rubbing with the cream for the next month and the count was down to 170,000.

Then I didn't use the cream for the next month and the count was back up to 750,000. I have also used Noni on cows after surgery, on foot abscesses, swollen hocks and on baby calves for scours and poor appetites. Right now I am trying it on one cow with ketosis.

Ernie Perschau
May 4, 1998


Tahitian Noni Juice Helps Australian Collie After Tick Infestation

We went overseas and left our dog in the care of our adult children. They called to say that the dog was sick and dragging around it's rear legs on the ground.

They took the dog to the vet and discovered that she had 4 ticks in her neck, which the vet removed.

The vet advised that the dog not be run for at least 6 weeks and to be very careful with her in that time.

We arrived home the next day to a very lethargic and sick animal.  We gave her 30 mls of Tahitian Noni™ Juice to drink, then 10 mls every couple of hours on the afternoon of our arrival home.  The next morning the dog was leaping about and so energetic we had to take her for a walk.  She was fine from then on.  We were thrilled with her rapid recovery.

Rod and Melanie, Brisbane, Australia