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Children and Tahitian Noni Juice (Including Testimonials)

Is Tahitian Noni Juice Safe For Children?

Click here to see this video about Tahitian Noni Juice and children.


The answer to that question is a resounding “Yes”.

Now, this is referring to the brand of noni which is produced by Morinda Bioactives, the first and original noni on the market – Tahitian Noni® Juice. This is not to be mistaken for the product put out by Tahitian Gold and other companies which they advertise as Tahitian Noni Juice.

Research has been carried out regarding the safety of this particular product. In 2002 the European Commission for Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General allowed Tahitian Noni® Juice into Europe as a “novel food” after extensive safety testing. Another clinical trial is listed below.

It would be interesting to see if any other noni company has bothered to carry out safety research on their product.

Safety Clinical Trial Conducted by: The British Industrial Biological Research Association (BIBRA).

Published in:    Journal of Food Science

Description:      96 people, double-blind, placebo-controlled, one month trial, high dose of 750 ml/day (¾ bottle)

Results:            Tahitian Noni® Juice absolutely safe & reduced number of illness related events The Journal of Food Science, 10 October 2006

Use in Children

One of the best tests of whether a product works or not is to use it with children and animals. These two groups have no or very little (in the case of children) placebo effect (it works because they think it will).

 Thousands of people have used Tahitian Noni® Juice for children in cases of ezcema, asthma, viruses such as colds and flu and other viruses, recovery from injury, bites and stings, wound healing and a multitude of other health issues.

How Much Should Children Drink?

In early childhood children generally drink 1/4 of an adult amount. Remembering that there is no “dosage” as such because it is a fruit juice with no toxicity.

We recommend that an “average” amount for an adult daily is 30mls (1 ounce) /twice a day. So that would mean about 7-10 mls (2 teaspoons) of Tahitian Noni® Juice twice a day for a small child. Obviously as they get older larger amounts can be drunk.

We generally encourage people to drink more in the following situations:

1. an illness is starting (the acute stage) – hourly consumption

2. degenerative diseases and other serious diseases such as cancer – a regimen would be established for each case.

3. an individual has multiple health conditions – as for 2

4. elite athletes – as for 2

5. migraine or asthma attack onset – these are special occurrences and carry their own recommendations which customers may contact us about for help in how much to drink.

In these situations we recommend drinking Tahitian Noni® Juice hourly to provide the body with the iridoids it needs to strengthen its immune system fight disease .



Granddaughter (Ariella Jensen) (As told by her mother Kathy)-Psoriasis

Ten year old Ariella has had patches of psoriasis from birth. We had to be very careful about what soaps we used when she was a baby and her life has been full of lotions and potions that have provided varying degrees of relief. When her grandparents introduced Noni Juice to our family while on vacation she wasn’t to excited about it because of the taste. One day on the vacation my husband had cut himself while cleaning crab on the boat. When we arrived back at the cabin, Ari’s grandpa told him about people who used Noni as a topical healing agent. He wasn’t very excited about that, but applied it to the cut anyway. When he woke up the next day he noticed that the cut had begun to heal and that the pain was gone. He continued with the topical application for a couple of days and the wound was healed over. The reason this is significant is because after Ari saw her dad use it as a topical treatment she asked if she could try it on her arms where she was having a problem with her psoriasis. We figured it wouldn’t hurt so we tried it on one arm. The next day it was noticeably better so we continued the treatment on both arms and it provided better relief than she had ever had. Since that time she has been drinking a little Noni (she still doesn’t like the taste) and when needed she applies it topically. She has become one of the best advocates for Noni Juice. When ever friends or family come over she always tells me to tell them about Noni. It truly is a miracle.

NONI BABY MORGAN -Cystic Fibrosis Page 1 of 2

I have often heard my parents speak about adults and how Noni Juice has helped them with different medical conditions, but I never heard too many stories about kids experiences with Noni, so today I would like to tell you my story. My name is Morgan Marie Beaulieu and I am 7 months old (as of 2004). I would like to tell you my experience with Tahitian Noni Juice.  I was born 4 weeks prematurely on January 9, 2004 to my parents Stephanie & Frank Beaulieu.

For the first minutes everything seemed normal, but then I went into seizures. The nurses had to work on me vigorously to keep me breathing and a crash cart came charging into the room with my parents and me. I will never forget the look of shock and disbelief and tears on my parents and grandmother’s faces. What was supposed to be a moment of joy had just turned into a nightmare.

I was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit where I would spend the next 8 weeks of my life. I had tubes in me everywhere and was unable to eat except by a tube going into my mouth. I was scheduled for surgery to have a colostomy for a blockage in my intestine, but that was cancelled. After what seemed like millions of tests from blood work, stool samples and specialists coming in to see me, the results were confirmed, I had Cystic Fibrosis. Of course at the time, it seemed like a death sentence and the possibility exists that it might be, but with the help of the doctors, nurses and cystic fibrosis team at the Albany Medical Center, I was able to come home 8 weeks after my birth, although I was not eating well and cried a lot.I was welcomed home by my big brother (2 year old) Riley.

I continued to lose weight, cried a lot with stomach aches and never slept for very long. It looked like my home stay would be short-lived. On top of everything else, my brother’s babysitter told my mother, she would not take a sick child and since my care required a great deal of commitment, my mother Stephanie, had to give up her job to stay home and take care of me. Now there was the added financial burden. On top of that, I required much more medications and doctor’s visits than a normal baby and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

My grandparents, Greg and Marilyn Williams who have been faithful Noni distributors since August of 2002, suggested to my mother that I start taking a little Noni. A few weeks after my arrival home, my grandparents went to the Noni Conference in Las Vegas (thank goodness, because they really needed a break). There, they sat in on a workshop with presenter Dr. Richard Williams (no relation). At the end of the workshop, my grandfather, Greg, ran up to ask Dr. Williams questions about me taking Noni and if it would be of any benefit and he wanted to make sure it wouldn’t hurt me. My grandfather was pushed aside and never did get to speak to Dr. Williams, but after getting back home, he spoke to someone in his upline who helped him get Dr. Williams’ e-mail address and so the ball got rolling.

 My grandfather immediately e-mailed him and within 2 hours he had an answer back stating that “yes”, I could start taking much more Noni than the little bit I had been getting and that since it does help the digestive system and the immune system, that it might help me sleep and that it surely could not hurt me.

The very next day, my parents started me on the increased dosage and that night I went to sleep at 8:30pm and slept until 5:00am. Although I got a good night sleep, my parents were up all night checking on me, because I had never slept like that before. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Richard Williams for his wonderful advice, which he gave us so quickly. My family and I will forever be grateful.

I have continued to take Noni on a regular basis and as you can see by this picture, I have gained weight. People always tell my parents that to look at me, you would never know how seriously ill I really am. For right now, it seems that cystic fibrosis is just affecting my digestive system; my lungs have been clear every time I have gone for a check-up. Thank God!

When I went for my 6 month developmental check-up, I was 25 weeks old and given a rating for a child of 32 weeks. I didn’t think that was too bad considering I was 4 weeks premature and spent the first 8 weeks of my life lying in a hospital bed with tubes feeding me. I was told I didn’t have to come back.

That same week, I had to go to my gastroenterologist and he also told us that I was doing fine and that I didn’t have to go back to him. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I was on 2 different medications for acid reflux and digestive problems , regalin and prevacid, which my parents took me off on their own and then told the specialist that they had done this.

The crew at Albany Medical Center’s Cystic Fibrosis team believed that a cure will be found for this terrible disease in my lifetime, but in the meantime I will continue to take Noni Juice and count on the love of my family and the prayers of everyone who knows me and my family to help us to get through the difficult times. Hopefully our local Noni team can do well to help my family financially as well.

Remember Noni is for kids, too!

Stephanie Beaulieu,14 West Spofford Ave. Dolgeville, NY 13329 (315) 429 - 9884