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Tahitian Noni Leaf Serum 3 pack

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Tahitian Noni Leaf Serum 3 pack
Product Code: 3 x30 ml tube
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Because skin is your body's first line of defense, it often takes the brunt of the irritants in your environment.  Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated protects that first line of defense.  This product has unlocked the noni leaf bioactives to create a skin treatment  that soothes, protects and moisturises distressed skin very quickly.  Tahitian NoniTM Leaf Serum soothes and restores skin affected by harsh sun, wind.  It is extremely useful for rashes and in moist skin environments such as under baby's lip with teething.

 It is ideal for blemishes on the body. Folklore of the ancient inhabitants of French Polynesia recounts the healthful properties of the noni leaf. Noni leaves were often used externally to soothe and revitalise the skin. The raw application of the noni leaf is available to the modern world in our practical Noni Leaf Serum.

  • Noni Leaf Serum has a strong fragrance to mask the powerful smell of the noni leaf, indicating just how much noni leaf juice comes in every tube.
  • Scrupulous research and great care went in to creating just the right formulation to help support and enhance the delivery of this valuable noni leaf essence
  • Noni Leaf Serum contains a vital combination of noni leaf juice and noni leaf extract to increase the effectiveness of this amazing product.

Research has shown that the noni leaf helps skin look and feel healthier



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