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Financial Freedom Amazing Health Benefits

TruAge Max 4 x 750 ml Bottles

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TruAge Max 4 x 750 ml Bottles
Product Code: 4 Pack of 750 ml bottles
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Way More Than Juice.

Introducing Thrive Max - The most exciting nutritional beverage Morinda Bioactives has ever released. Max is a brand-new adaptogenic beverage that goes beyond all other healthy drinks. The innovative scientists at Morinda Bioactives formulated Max to strengthen your body's protection against several health concerns which currently impact millions of people every year.

Max contains more than 350 bioactive compounds which are derived from nature's medicinal plants and specifically chosen for working in harmony with your body's natural chemistry. Max's potency comes from delivering an amazing 120 mg of iridoids per 60 ml serving. These bioactives maintain your health by balancing the different functions of your body's internal systems.

  • Protects against advanced glycation end products (AGEs)
  • Promotes healthy blood vessel formation
  • Promotes healthy circulatory function
  • And much, much more

Fights Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs)

AGEs are destructive chemical compounds that are formed when excess sugar molecules improperly combine with protein and lipid molecules. Max is a powerful AGE inhibitor and protectant. The unique properties of Max's plant-based bioactives help prevent the formation of AGEs to protect against the damage they are responsible for.




Healthy Blood Vessels (Angiogenesis)

Intiial research has found that the bioactive nutrients in Max may support the body's ability to promote healthy blood vessel formation which maintains healthy cells.




Healthy Circulatory Function

The bioactives found in Max naturally promote a healthy heart and circulatory system. By regulating adenosine diphosphate (ADP), the main molecule associated with platelet activity, Max helps maintain blood fluidity and promote healthy circulation throughout the body.




Healthy Inflammatory Response

Max naturally supports a healthy inflammatory response in the body. Its powerful blend of bioactives inhibits the production of enzymes associated with unhealthy inflammation, leading to overall improvements in inflammatory response.




Immune System Boost

The immune system is the body's front line of defense, an essential system that helps fight off infection and illness. However,as people age, their immune systems weaken. And the modern lifestyle - with its stress, poor diet, sedentary behavior, and exposure to toxic pollutants - also weakens it. A balanced, optimized immune system is critical to maintaining health. Max helps promote health by making sure the body's natural line of defense is functioning properly.




Protects Against Free Radicals

Iridoids are scientifically proven to be a powerful source of antioxidants. Iridoids enhance utilization of the antioxidant glutathione. Iridoids also help glutathione and the other antioxidants in the body function much more effectively.




Enhance Healthy Brain Function

Initial research shows that the bioactives in Max may sustain healthy cognitive function by increasing antioxidant activity inthe brain. Additional research shows that these bioactives also exhibit a significant increase in both short-term and long-term memory. This is believed to be a result of the antioxidant effects of Max.




Boost Energy. Improve Endurance.

Thrive beverages have been shown to boost both energy and endurance naturally. More important, Thrive improves energy and endurance without the harmful side effects energy drinks and caffeine produce. The bioactives in Max was demonstrated to enhance a person's energy in a clinical trial which analyzed its impact on 40 advanced long distance runners. After only three weeks the athletes had an average increase of 21% in endurance!

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