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Essential Oils Relax Blend

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Essential Oils Relax Blend
Product Code: Essential Oils Relaxing Blend
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Designed to quiet the mind and ease the senses, the Relax Blend is made up of aromatic ingredients specifically chosen for their soothing and calming properties.

This oil blends the wonderfully relaxing Lavender, Sweet Orange Peel, Marjoram Leaf, Cedarwood and Noni Seed Oils.


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"My daughter has been sleeping peacefully thanks to the Relax Blend from Morinda, and as a parent you know that make all the difference in the world." - Antonio Jimenez, Washington
"I've been using Tahitian Noni Relax Blend at night. I put some on my pillow, and sleep really well." - Ofelia Arriaga, Illinois

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