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Essential Oils Recover Blend

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Essential Oils Recover Blend
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Intended primarily for direct topical application, the Recover Blend was formulated to provide a cool, soothing sensation and comforting effects.

The Recover Blend consists of a powerful combination of Sweet Orange Peel Oil, Peppermint Oil, Wintergreen Leaf Oil, Lavender Oil, German Chamomile flower Oil and Noni Seed Oil.

Read these reviews:

"I had a long Saturday helping someone lay sod which required a lot of lifting and getting up and down in the hot sun. My back and knees were so sore! I put the recover Blend directly on my sore knees and back and the cooling sensation felt so good! I loved it." - Craig, Utah, USA

"I have been experiencing major discomfort around my ankles these past couple of days, and that has kept me back from doing some things. I tried doing some stretches, and ice packs, but I was still very uncomfortable. I decided to use Morinda's Essential Oils instead. I mixed Skin Supplement with the Recover blend and rubbed it on. The feeling is amazing! It works!" -Anna Shtramel, Florida, USA

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