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Noni Quick Facts

  1. Tahitian Noni Juice is made from a nubbly fruit (Morinda citrifolia) that grows year round on trees in the rich volcanic soil of French Polynesia.
  2. We will not run out of noni as every tree produces fruit continually – there is no season for noni.  Mature fruit grow on the same limb as budding fruit.
  3. Noni is used by many of the indigenous populations of the tropics including the Australian Aboriginal and is extremely important in Indian herbal lore .
  4. The noni juice that started the noni revolution is the brand Tahitian Noni Juice – only made by Morinda Bioactives/Tahitian Noni International.
  5. Noni is safe to drink if you have kidney problems as long as you take into account the potassium content. It is best to tell your doctor and confirm it with him/her.
  6. Dried Noni Juice (eg. Capsules, tablets and noni juice reconstituted from powder-not pulp) have lost a considerable amount of efficacy. However, dried noni leaves are fine as their effective ingredients do not degrade with drying.
  7. Orange, Cranberry and such like juices are NOT as efficacious as Noni juice for wide ranging health benefits.  This is due in part to the large number of iridoids found in correctly processed noni which are not found in other juices.
  8. Pure noni juice is best drunk with other juices as it is very "yang". It needs a "yin" fruit such as blueberry to balance it. Any bad effects that are reported with long term noni juice consumption are usually because the juice is pure noni.
  9. There have been over 16 human clinical trials conducted on the brand Tahitian Noni Juice (no other) and the results are very positive in human health (see Research page) including overcoming some of the effects of smoking, endurance,inproved immunity, reducing joint pain,increasing heart health and moderating "bad" cholesterol.