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Noni in the Press

Tahitian NoniTM Juice and the other Morinda Bioactive Beverages are popular with many and writeups and TV spots and programmes occur on a regular basis. Below you can peruse some of what people in the media have to say about these amazing products.

Miranda Kerr gets down to business!

She's one of the most well known supermodels in the fashion industry, and now Miranda Kerr reveals how she keeps her skin stunning and ageless.

In the August 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan Australia, the former Victoria's Secret tells the story of how she first came across Tahitian Noni Juice!

"Nan introduced me to noni juice when I was 12 and I've used it ever since - I drink it twice daily in water. It has hundreds of vitamins and minerals and is high in antioxidants, so it's great for your skin."

This Magazine is available in stores now, so grab one and have a look for yourself.




Brooke Shields unveils TruAge campaign at Morinda ILC

HONOLULU, HI – Morinda executives surprised an audience of more than 3,700 international independent sales consultants today, at the company’s annual International Leadership Conference, with an on stage appearance by actress Brooke Shields.

Shields attended the meeting to launch Morinda’s international TruAge campaign that focuses on the importance of knowing your body’s “true age” in order to live a healthy life.

“Most people share a common goal—to age well and live a life full of energy and vitality and Brooke emulates the core values of healthy living,” said Shon Whitney, vice president of global sales, Morinda. “We are happy that she could be with us today to share her thoughts on living well and how to continue to thrive as we get older.”

“I think it’s important to look young and healthy on the outside, but what’s more essential is staying healthy and beautiful on the inside,” said Brooke Shields. “It’s empowering to set achievable goals for self-improvement, but in order to be effective, you should know your starting point and determine what you realistically need to do to meet those goals to improve your overall health.”

The Morinda TruAge campaign will focus on putting Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) at the forefront of the health discussion and showing how they age people from the inside out. The campaign will encourage consumers to receive their TruAge readings to know their AGE levels. In addition, it will increase awareness of the simple ways to control AGEs such as avoiding processed, overcooked or sugary foods, cooking with water, reducing stress, getting enough rest and eliminating smoking. Consumers can get more information from the AGE Foundation at

About Morinda

Founded in 1996, Morinda is a global, research-driven company with a mission to use the power of nature to help people live healthier, longer lives. Cutting edge technology and extensive research have allowed Morinda to develop an innovative TrūAge product line, as well as other natural wellness products that reflect their passion to help people live younger, longer. Morinda is headquartered in Provo, Utah, and has a presence in over 70 countries worldwide. 


Miranda Kerr's lifestyle secrets!

Just two months after giving birth to her first child, a boy Flynn, Miranda Kerr was looking better than ever. Miranda revealed the secrets to her perfect figure and radiant beauty. As part of her regimen she drinks Tahitian NoniTM Juice.

Read about Miranda Kerr's lifestyle secrets

Miranda Kerr loves Tahitian Noni Juice! (March 11, 2011)

Miranda Kerr also mentions her use of Tahitian NoniTMJuice in this article: Face Value (Sydney Morning Herald, 27 April 2012)

New Idea Readers have tried and tested Tahitian Noni!

In a recent addiction of New Idea Magazine reader's gave their views on different Health drinks. Tahitian Noni was one of them and was said to have helped the reader feel less bloated and more energetic. Here's what it said:

"If Miranda Kerr swears by it, it's worth a try. This juice is said to have over 150 supporting neutraceuticals, including minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. Sadly, I don't
now look like Miranda, but I do feel less bloated and more energetic" Leigh, 44 full-time Mum

TePoemä™ Youth Restore Serum Wins Best Serum from Nature & Health

We are excited to announce that TePoemä™ Youth Restore Serum has won Best Serum in Nature & Health Magazine's 2011 Annual Natural Beauty Awards! The issue will be on newstands soon, so keep your eye out.

Here's what Nature & Health had to say:

"What we liked: Its definite ability to reduce expression lines; the hibiscus, noni and coconut have a rich skinconditioning and nutritive effect, and we adore the tropical scent."

Miss Universe Australia loves Tahitian NoniTM

Rachael Finch (Miss Universe Australia 2009, TV host, Celebrity Master Chef finalist) talks about her fitness and health routine including Tahitian Noni Juice in the current issue of Cosmopolitan Health.

Rachael says: "I also have Tahitian Noni juice (Miranda Kerr swears by it). It's amazing, I drink it every day alongside my morning glass of water. I love that it's natural and really wakes me up. I'd say it's just as good as having a coffee."

Angie Koops and Curl Magazine - September 2011

In a recent Magazine Curl Womans surf and lifestyle, Angie Koops one of our Spokepeople tells us about her career in surfing. Angie has been making a namefor herself accross the Tasman. She recently took out the Queenland title, receiving the wildcard spot into the next year's Roxy Pro in the Gold Coast. As well as continuing to surf at a high level, Angie has also been involved in stunt double surfing for the TV series, Lightening Point, which also led to her getting extra work on Speilbergs's new Tera Nova Series. Well Done Angie!!

Also featured in the magazine are two of our fantastic products, the new look 750ml Tahitian Noni™ Original™ and our extremely popular Defy Range. We have a few giveaways of the Defy set's for readers of the magazine.

Here is what the magazine had to say about Defy…

"SKIN DEEP – Despite all our best efforts some of us have already shown the effects of a sun drenched lifestyle. To help combat the signs of ageing we recomment Biotopical Ageintervention byDefy"

In an article published in OK Magazine Tahitian Noni™ Pure stands out from the rest, going as far as to say that Miranda Kerr swear's by it. OK magazine states:

"It may well be made from something nicknamed the 'vomit fruit' by locals in Tahiti, Fiji and Hawaii – where the pungent tree grows – but Miranda Kerr swears by it. Try Tahitian Noni for clear skin and increased energy. It tastes surprisingly nice and has been used in the tropics as a remedy for everything from period pain to asthma.

Also in the Good Health Magazine Tahitian Noni Juice is listed as one of Miranda Kerr's essentials, Miranda said:

"This is a powerful antioxidant and works wonders on your skin. I drink it daily, plus it is one of the special ingredients in the entire Kora organics range"

Readers of Hills news in December 2011 got a chance to win a "Defy" Ultraderm Therapy Device including Defy Age Intervention Set and a 750ml of Tahitian Noni™ Family. The competition included the following statement on the new Defy range:

"Tahitian Noni International (TNI) recently announced the release of a spa quality Uttraderm Therapy Device to be used at home. The Ultraderm Device is a part of the Defy system – a revolutionary new biotopical age intervention facial care system designed to combat the root causes of ageing. The Defy system brings clinically tested innovation – used by dermatologists and health spa aestheticians – directly to your home with proven bioactive nutrients to help reverse the signs of aging and protect the skin from future signs of damage. This system was designed to address some of the top skin care concerns which include: fine lines and wrinkles; sagging skin, dry skin, rough texture age spots dull tone and dark under-eye circles."

Also in a Dec 2011 issue of Melbourne City Newspaper Miranda Kerr talks about how drinking noni juice gives her the energy she needs and helps to keep her skin in fabulous condition.

"Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) is a tree native to Pacific Islands and Tahiti. It's been used in Polynesia for over 2000 years for its beneficial properties and is thought to help a whole host of health issues plus boost energy and improve skin condition. It's very high in Vitamin C, antioxidants and can help reduce free radical damage. Noni is a macro nutrient and is also indigenous to Australia; grown wild, it's known by Aboriginal people as bush tucker. It was first introduced to Miranda as a drink by her grandparents when she was twelve. Miranda swears by Noni, which she uses everyday; and believes that its nutritional properties give her the energy she needs and helps keep her skin in fabulous condition. the skin lipid content, which helps to restore moisture levels and enhances the skin's natural moisture retaining capability."

Max featured in Functional Food & Drink magazine

2012-07-05 13:19:00

There are probably a thousand different words you can associate with Max: bioactive, healthy, amazing, transforming, boom-shaka-laka, etc. One word that may not come immediately to mind, but fits Max like a glove, is functional. As in Functional Food & Drink, an authoritative guide to the world's most powerful and healthful supplements. 

Recently Functional Food & Drink dedicated a page to Max and its effects on a future Olympian: Isa Phillips.

"Max could be the healthiest bioactive beverage on the planet," Phillips said in the article. "I am currently in full, focused training for the London 2012 Summer Games and I already feel an increase in my workout pain barrier and fatigue threshold." 

The article goes on to describe Max as the bioactive beverage with the highest level of iridoids from the widest range of sources. 

Of course we all know how great Max is. In fact, we've felt the benefits ourselves! Go ahead and share this article with everyone you know, and then add your own personal Max testimonial. Your friends and family deserve to know everything about this Functional Bioactive Beverage!