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How Does It Work?

In Morinda Bioactives there are two ways to earn income:

1.  As a Referring Customer you can earn up to $200/month when as a result of your recommendation, your friends purchase Morinda Bioactive products.  It costs nothing to register as a Referring Customer. Your registration will also allow you to purchase your Morinda products at wholesale price. You will be expected to purchase the equivalent of one bottle of Tahitian NoniTM Juice every  month.  This is called Autoship.  You can cancel this at any time in writing.

2.  As an Independent Product Consultant you can build a large customer base with no limits as to earnings.  You register with Morinda Bioactives for $35 and agree to purchase the equivalent of one case (4 bottles of Tahitian NoniTM Juice) every month which is called Case Autoship (CAS).  This may be cancelled at any time in writing.  You may then register any number of people as Referring Customers or Independent Product Consultants and build a group from which you will receive commissions on every purchase.  The rewards become substantial as the number of your customers grow in your group.

For a complete explanation please look at either the video above or click this link to read about the system.

To find out how much you can potentially earn please click this link.