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Refer and Earn FAQ

Is it expensive to start and maintain a Morinda Bioactives business?

The start up costs in Australia for a Morinda Bioactives business is AUD$30 registration fee to become an Independent Product Consultant and AUD$178 (including freight)  for one case of Tahitian NoniTM Juice. A total of AUD$208. We can supply the costs for other countries on request.

To maintain your business (to ensure that you are paid commissions) it will cost approximately AUD$178/month no matter how much you earn in your business. This is less than the cost of rent on a business or franchise fees.

What is a Referring Customer?

A referring customer is someone who registers with Morinda Bioactives (for no fee) and agrees to purchase 30 QV (aboutAUD $45) product every month on autoship.  A Referring Customer can earn up toAUD $200  every month when their referrals purchase Morinda Bioactives products.

What is an Independent Product Consultant (IPC)?

An Independent Product Consultant is someone who registers with Morinda Bioactives to buy product monthly on Autoship (120 QV every month) and has the opportunity to earn all the commissions, bonuses, trips and holidays and other benefits Morinda Bioactives offers.

What is CV and QV and why do they matter?

CV is Commissionable Volume - this is a value attached to each product by Morinda Bioactives on which commissions are paid.  Because part of the cost of a product may be government charges (such as GST), import costs etc commissions are not paid on this portion of the product cost.  eg. A 750 ml Tahitian Noni Original costs $30 on Autoship but the CV is 20 - meaning commissions will be paid on $20 of that cost.

QV is Qualifying Volume - this is a value attached to each product by Morinda Bioactives  qualifying levels, bonuses and so forth are calculated.

What is Autoship or Case Autoship (CAS)?

Autoship is the agreement an Independent Product Consultant or Referring Customer makes with Morinda Bioactives to automatically receive a certain level of QV of product every month. The cost of the autoship is withdrawn from the IPC's or Referring Customer's credit/debit visa card on the 14th of each month if product of the autoship value has not already been purchased. This allows the IPC and Referring Customer to receive commissions and all other benefits which accompany Austoship membership.

Can I stop my autoship any time?

Yes - however, any autoship already sent out will not be refunded so to cancel the autoship, cancellation must occur before the 14th of the month otherwise the cancellation will occur for the next month.

Can I cancel my registration with Morinda Bioactives at any time?

Yes - you may cancel your registration at any time but this must be done in writing.  This is to protect IPC's and Referring Customers from others who may fraudulently cancel your membership and have you lose your bonuses and payments. 

What is Fast Start Bonus?

Fast Start Bonus (FSB) is a bonus paid weekly to an IPC.  When  IPC (say called Tom) registers another IPC (say called Susan), then for Susan's first 60 days Tom receives 20%  of the CV for Susan's first monthly purchase. You receive a weekly payment if new IPCs are entering your business on a weekly basis.  If this confuses you then please email us -because we were confused the first time we heard it too!  But this bonus will pay as long as you are registered as an IPC on CAS and people are joining your group as it pays down to 5 generations. This is explained further in one of the videos in What In It For Me?

What is Unilevel?

This is the way that you are paid once an IPC who has entered your group has passed their first 60 days.  This is the wealth building aspect of the business and is paid monthly on or about the 20th. This constitutes your passive income for the future as people in your group purchase any of the Morinda Bioactive products.

What is your ID number?

When you register with Morinda Bioactives as a Referring Customer or Independent Product Consultant you receive an ID number which then allows you to purchase products at wholesale (CAS) prices and to register other Referring Customers or Independent Product Consultants. 

Who Can Referring Customers and Independent Product Consultants register?

Referring Customers can only refer other Referring Customers but Independent Product Consultants can refer both Referring Customers and Independent Product Consultants.

Can Referring Customers become Independent Product Consultants?

Referring Customers often find themselves with many people in their group and realise their commissions would be much higher if they become and Independent Product Consultant.  The conversion is simple and requires the payment of the registration fee and purchase of one case of Tahitian Noni Juice or the other Bioactive Beverages.