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Noni Juice FAQ

Q. Will Tahitian NoniTMJuice or Thrive MaxTM help my diabetes, arthritis etc....

These Bioactive Beverages provide needed nutrients which are often missing in the right amounts and may not be present at all in our daily diets.  These nutrients then help the body to repair and grow.  We suggest people read any information, including testimonials of others and then try the products for themselves.  We suggest at least four bottles on a continuous basis in the correct amounts.  We also suggest that you write down any and all symptoms you have before you begin drinking these products and then check on the progress of these as you go along in your bioactive beverage experiment.  It is surprising but human beings tend to forget their symptoms once they pass.

Q. What if I am not satisfied with the products?

Frankly we'd be amazed if you are not.  However, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on the first four bottles of any of the Bioactive Beverages purchased and on the first purchase of any other of our products. No arguments.

Q. Is Tahitian NoniTMJuice and Thrive MaxTM safe for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women?

They are indeed safe and in fact we urge these groups to drink the Bioactive Beverages for healthy growth and maintaining wellbeing.They are also wonderful for athletes, the elderly and in fact all ages.

Q. Is Tahitian NoniTMJuice and Thrive MaxTMsafe to drink or can I drink too much?

The Bioactive Beverages have no toxicity at any amount. Experiments have been conducted where many litres per day have been drunk and there is no toxicity seen.  The only problems that may arise are with allergies to any of the ingredients but that is extremely rare.

Q. How much Tahitian NoniTMJuice and Thrive MaxTM should I drink?

We recommend that people begin on 60 mls/2 x day for the first bottle, then reduce that to 30 mls/day.  Small children generally drink 1/4 adult amounts.  If you have a particular problem that is unusual then contact our naturopath (free of charge) for advice on how much to drink.  For more serious conditions then people may drink up to or even over 60 mls/4 x day.

Q. Can I expect a detoxifying effect?

Often there can be a detoxifying effect, especially where drugs have been used.  Detoxifying from some drugs such as morphine can produce short-term diarrhea.  To lessen the detoxifying effect drink more water.

Q. Isn't Hawaiian, Tongan, Fijian etc.noni better than Tahitian Noni?

The efficacy of the noni product starts with the soil in which it is grown, then the time the fruit is picked, and crucially the bottling process.  Before Tahitian NoniTMJuice came to the market in 1996, John Wadsworth and Stephen Story, the producers of Tahitian NoniTM Juice conducted extensive research for years to find the best way to retain the efficacy of the original noni.  Unfortunately other noni companies use Morinda Bioactive (Tahitian Noni International) research to support the claims for their products which have not beenproduced in the same way.French Polynesia (Tahiti) has beautiful rich volcanic soil which is free of chemicals such as pesticides and has not been overworked for generations with agriculture and hence reduced in nutrients. Much of theTahitian NoniTM Juice comes from noni grown on wild trees.

Q. Isn't pure noni better than noni blended with other fruit juices?

Again if people do their research they would discover that the answer to this question is "No" if you want to drink noni long term.  Pure noni drunk long term will produce what the Chinese doctors call "overheating" in the body:too much Yang.  Blended with fruit juices which are "Yin" such as blueberry, the synergy of the fruits produces a dynamic product which can be drunk long term with more benefits than noni alone.  However, for people who like pure noni then that is also available on our site but we advise that people drink it with other fruit juices.

Q. Isn't powdered noni more effective and more convenient than bottled noni juice?

Research has indicated that making noni into a powder will greatly reduce its efficacy.  Most of the activity of the noni is destroyed in the process.

Q. When noni is pasteurised, doesn't that make it less effective?

Pasteurization carried out by the propriety Tahitian NoniTM Wadsworth-Storey method does not denature enzymes in the noni juice.