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Te Mana Noni Brightening Night Cream 30gm

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Te Mana Noni Brightening Night Cream 30gm
Product Code: Te Mana Noni Brightening Night Cream
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Redefine beauty sleep with TeMana brand Noni Brightening Night Cream, one of your skin's best allies. Designed to treat the damage skin suffers throughout the day due to UV rays, pollution and dryness, this rich, buttery cream will transport your skin to the clean, unspoiled environment of Tahiti, all while you sleep. Noni Brightening Night Cream reduces age spots and wrinkles, and it markedly improves skin brightness. So, each night is truly like a wonderful dream. Noni Brightening Night Cream includes not only noni fruit juice, noni leaf juice, noni seed extract and noni seed oil, but a delightful herbal rose scent as well. 

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