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Te Mana Noni Brightening Facial Mask 30 ml (4 masks)

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Te Mana Noni Brightening Facial Mask 30 ml (4 masks)
Product Code: Te Mana Noni Brightening Facial Mask
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Prepare for a transformation that will stun you, thanks to Noni Brightening Facial Mask. This sheet mask contains the largest dose of concentrated noni seed extract, a potent and natural ingredient for health and beauty that has no equal.  By applying the mask to your face weekly, you'll be receiving powerful moisturizing power that penetrates deep below the surface. The mask also helps provide firmness to the skin, while reducing the appearance of age spots for brighter, clearer skin. After you remove the mask, it's like there's a whole new you. Each Noni Brightening Facial Mask comes with four individual sheets containing a lovely herbal rose scent.

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